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The Company:

The Allen Avionics ( division of Star ( manufactures a variety of off-the-shelf and custom filters, delay circuits and noise elimination products.


From Jim Lyons, Founder:

"Your (Nuhertz FilterSolutions) software was a powerful tool for me that I used every day for more than 20 years.

the fast interface allowed the design of many filter types in real time while on the phone with the engineer or potential customer.

it allowed me to give them almost instant answers on delay error, phase distortion attenuation at numerous points

working with the engineer and your software I was able to help the customer define their requirement and get the job.

we used it to help us get 5862 custom filters of every type.

even though not every design ended with a Nuhertz design every single one started that way.

over the years I traveled to 41 states and 50 countries to sell our product.

many times I would be in a room with 4 or 5 engineers all asking questions and looking for me to produce a miracle.

my trusty laptop and filter solutions never failed.

I was always a good salesman but 90% of the time we worked out a suitable filter by using your software.

my model group back in New York would make the filter over night and send it to me the next day.

then at our next meeting I had a filter in hand that they could touch and test, allowing them to see performance in their system.

if necessary we went and   did another design with what we learned on the first attempt.

customers were amazed, orders poured in, the company grew, my position and salary improved so owing you all of that I had to help you if I could. I declined honorable mention because it was you who did it all.

thanks for the all the good years.”