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Synthesizing Filter Designs using Modelithics® Measurement Based Component Models

FilterSolutions® from Nuhertz Technologies provides the capability to export synthesized lumped filter designs into AWR Microwave Office® and to optimize filter circuits with the use of Modelithics® component models. Modelithics provides libraries of the most accurate and well-documented models in the industry. The Modelithics model libraries are up-to-date, measurementbased, and fully integrated with leading EDA tools.

Once the optimal filter design is determined with FilterSolutions, the Modelithics models, are accessed to replace the ideal components. Modelithics models give designers the ability to choose from an extensive collection of measurement based scalable simulation models for commercially available components from many popular vendors. The models simulate accurate parasitics, leading to real-life prediction of circuit performance and excellent model-to measurement results. The optimization feature of the models allows for automatic adjustment of designs to correct for parasitic effects.

Modelithics models, combined with the advantages of FilterSolutions’ designs, will help filter designers achieve rapid first-pass design success.


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