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Chebyshev Type I Filters

The Chebyshev Type I filter has one of the sharpest passband cut-off characteristics and a very large group delay.  The most notable feature of this filter is the magnitude of the ripple in the passband.  The passband attenuation in a standard Chebyshev Type I filter is defined to be the same value as the passband ripple amplitude.  However, FilterSolutions allows the user the option of selecting any passband attenuation, in dB, that will define the filter’s cut-off frequency.

FilterSolutions also offers the user the option of placing user-defined zeros in the stopband, and/or constricting the ripple to a percentage of the passband.   The following examples are Chebyshev Type I low-pass, high-pass, bandpass and band-stop filters and the low-pass step response.